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Denise Dillon Bolland

Dr Denise Dillon Bolland is a researcher, storyteller, artist. and art therapist.  Her area of research is older women who have become unexpectedly homeless.  In 2017 she completed a PhD titled "where do women go, when there's nowhere to go - an enquiry into the lived experiences of older women who became unexpectedly homeless or at housing risk for the first time later in life."

She is the founder of "Unlimited Creativity" - and presenter of the popular workshops "Painting from the Inside Out" and "Follow your Dreams." She is also a successful business woman and community artist.  The Australian Institute of Welfare and Community Workers (AIWCW) presented Denise with the "Most Innovative Community Project by an individual" award in 2006, 2007, and in 2009.

During the past 20 years Denise has worked for community and government organisations in the areas of aged care, disabilities, mental health, with the homeless, and with people with life-threatening illness.  She has also worked with refugees and with students of all ages in the education system.

Denise empowers people to unleash their creativity and tap into their inner wisdom.  Her passion is using the creative arts to heal the soul.  She uses transformational mindfulness techniques and the creative arts to enable people to define their dreams and live life abundantly.

In her spare time she enjoys painting, making quirky things with found objects, writing and living life playfully with family and friends.